Jakhoo finally gets its own Children’s Park

by Vandana Bhagra, Shimla

The much awaited children’s park is finally inaugurated, which took nearly four years for completion. The bureaucratic machinery may quibble over the delay but the children are a happy lot.

Bhardwaj said, “the residents should further identify open areas or spaces where similar parks, playgrounds could be created for children and the government would take those up on priority for development”.

The atmosphere was upbeat, children were bubbly, excited and thrilled where as the parents and neighbourhood community was equally cheerful as Suresh Bhardwaj, legislative member, Shimla, inaugurated the much needed Children’s Park in Jakhoo locality in Shimla on March 11, 2012. Bhardwaj said, “that the MP and MLA local area development funds had been earmarked for such projects and an amount of rupees three lakh had been contributed while rest of the amount was given by the Municipal Corporation. However, due to unavoidable reasons this project could not be finished in the stipulated time hence due to cost escalation it was completed over a period of four years and an amount of rupees 8.4 lakh has been used”.

Children varying between the age group of two to ten were seen playing on the swings and see-saw, all ecstatic and overjoyed on having some kind of personal area to play in. Three year old Bheem was eagerly waiting for his turn on the baby ferris wheel, while four year old Pari made way for the see-saw.

Radha, a local resident was all vocal that a park had finally been made keeping the needs of the children in mind, while on the other hand Shobha Kuthiala added that this would also serve as a resting place for the elderly and where women could hang out during the day. She said, “due to Shimla’s erratic weather and frequent rains a concrete playground had been made, which could be used throughout the year. However, her concerns regarding beautification of the place were genuine due to monkey menace as well as cases of monkey bites had been reported and it was important that children were always accompanied by some family members.

Manoj Kuthiala, Councilor, Jakhoo area, stated that importance was being paid to the overall progress of the areas by developing such park, making rain shelters and parking areas as well as improving the basic structural facilities in the area.

Bhardwaj further emphasized the need of such areas from tourists point of view as well as providing the much needed open space for children to venture out of their houses and play in a clean, green environment. He added, “the residents should identify open areas or spaces where similar parks, playgrounds could be created for children and the government would take those up on priority for development”. He added that earlier Shimla was known for only few of its known landmarks but now Jakhoo prominently featured as a hotspot tourist destination and further development of the areas would only help in its promotion. He ended on the note that he believed in progress, and which could be achieved only with the help of the community whose participation is of utmost importance.


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